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The Maintenance of Faith

Posted by Latasha Morgan on May 7, 2013 at 8:45 PM

The Maintenance of Faith


So often, I tell my children that today they need to take a shower. Without fail, someone will always let me know that, in fact, they took a shower yesterday! Now what became evident to me is that we begin our bittersweet relationship with the maintenance of things in early childhood.


Now, if I were to tell my children, "but I fed you yesterday or better yet, last week!" Would they begin to understand that some things just require a daily maintaining. What is amazing to me is that, as adults, we are no different. Especially with our faith.


How many of us try to live off of the tune-up of faith we had last week? But if we tried to tell landlords, bill collectors, or lenders, "remember when I paid with that check I made in 1986?" We would be homeless, hungry and cold, depending on the time of year.


In faith, it really takes a daily tune-up! It requires daily maintenance! Because there is so much wear and tear that happens on a daily basis. When we forfeit the opportunity to maintain it, we lose. We break down, we end up with a flat, and there is no spare; just the opportunity to get the necessary work done.


When we forego the daily maintenance of faith, we run the risk of stepping into the world on empty. Many times, without power steering and we end up out of control so quickly. We stop being so quick to forgive, to love, to overlook, and see the best in others. We aren't in the mood to encourage, to build up, or invest in others what we haven't invested in ourselves already. We are quick to speak, but slow to listen even when we know it should be the other way around. And in marriages the maintenance is doubled, tripled, or quadrupled depending on the lives that are in that family.


The Maintenance of Faith has to be completed on daily and consistent basis if the outcome of the life attached is to have any chance at success.


It takes work, time, persistence, endurance... Daily.





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