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Don't Walk Through Every Open Door

Posted by Latasha Morgan on May 7, 2013 at 8:50 PM

Don't Walk Through Every Open Door


I was up late last night, just thinking. I was replaying so many conversations that I have had with people who can't seem to understand why some situations are set up to fail. It is those situations where we see the open door, but we miss the abandoned house or building that is attached to it.

So here is a quick analogy and question. If you were walking down a street and saw the most beautiful door, and it is open, does that automatically mean that you should walk in, or even worse purchase the whole house?


I think so many of us do this. We see, what we perceive as a gorgeous open door, but we never take the necessary time or steps to make sure that the house is okay, or the foundation is structurally sound. We never really walk around and inspect the property, or see the warning that is posted. We are normally so excited that the door is open, and that finally we have a place to call our own that we miss the danger symbol that is on every window, and the notices that are posted all over the house, not to mention all of the yellow caution tape wrapped around it. And why do we miss it? Why do we only notice after we realize that we have become a casualty, buried alive underneath a house that couldn't help but fall?


We miss it because all we saw was the open door. All we noticed was the free opportunity. God says, "Be anxious for nothing...." This includes but is not limited to relationships, marriage, all hasty decisions. I listen to people as they complain that they want a spouse, they just want someone to love and someone who loves them. While there is nothing wrong with that desire, if you are not a licensed contractor or someone who has at least spent a lot of time at a construction site, then you are probably not the best person to choose the house that you want to own. You need someone with some expertise, and when it comes to marriage or getting caught in relationships, the first thing to do is to get to know the father. Spend as much time as you can experiencing his wisdom, his knowledge, and memorizing the sound of his voice. KNOW HIS WORD!!!!!!


Why? You might ask. Because, while you are prone to run into doors simply because they are open, God sees so much more than that. While we are not equipped to see the hearts of men, God is able to see not only their beginning, but their middle and their end. He knows whether or not this house or life is about to crash and burn and he can stop you from being stuck inside, if you would only let him.


A loving warning: Don't Walk Through Every Open Door!

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