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"Five Loaves" is an album that is centered around placing your whole life in Christ' hands understanding that no one, but Him, is capable of truly changing, blessing and bringing any life to it's full potential.  I hope that this album encourages you to seek out His Word, written within the Holy Bible, and certainly compliment the lives working to follow such an awesome savior!



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God Bless.


With a style best described as "Gospel Funk Rock," Latasha Morgan has done it again.  Her sophomore project entitled, "Shine" goes even further than the first. While remaining centered on the word of God "Shine" promises to be an excellent follow-up to "His Sacrifice, My Surrender."  "Shine" which was completely written and produced by Mrs. Morgan showcases her true love and appreciation for Christ and His word. Still combining an eclectic mix between gospel, funk, rock and alternative music, Latasha manuevers effortlessly between the genres; creating a signature style while sharing a sincere heart for God. 

Her commitment to Christ and musical serenade of The Savior continues to take you on a journey of God's promises, examples of His unmatched grace, love and forgiveness.  

Please enjoy Latasha Morgan's sophomore album "Shine" now available!

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May your faith in God be strengthened and His love more deeply understood. 

God Bless.



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His Sacrifice My Surrender

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LATASHA MORGAN: His Sacrifice My Surrender
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God Bless!

Latasha Morgan